What Do You Want Out Of Retirement

Critical Stuff: Most people retire with no real idea of what they are going to do.

In This Chapter: a checklist to start you thinking.



What do you want out of retirement??

If you can’t answer that question in detail, then you need to sit down with your retirement plan notebook and any significant others in your life and figure it out. If you don’t know, then the rest of this book won’t help you much. It’s the most fundamental question because it informs every other aspect covered in this book, from investment, savings, spending, budgets, deciding where to live and how, what kind of sport and fitness you’ll pursue, even what kinds of hobbies you’ll choose or continue.

This checklist, plus any other issues you can come up with is your homework assignment. Add it to your Retirement Plan Notebook. This can be one of the most important pages you add if you really give this some thought. Most of us have a pretty fuzzy notion about what our retirement means, and no real idea of how to execute on the wishful thinking. How often have you heard of someone moving to be close to family only to have them disperse? What are you going to do then? Chase them? The best way to work on this is to write down the question and then answer it in as much detail as you can manage. Multiple pages of answers is fine.

Homework Assignment

Do you want to retire?

Do you “need” your big house or are you ready to simplify?

Do you have friends you’d like to spend more time with? Travel with? Build something with?

Is family important to you?

More time with family or less?

Are you going to move?

Do you want to learn new things?

Would you like to hone your internet skills?

Would you like to learn a language?

Would you consider moving to a different country for a while to immerse yourself.

Do you like travel? Do you love every aspect and challenge of travel? (Going somewhere for two weeks is nothing like spending three months or a year exploring places). 

Are you willing to stick to a tight budget?

Country or city?

Want to start a business?

Is there a job you’d love to do?

Would you like to teach or volunteer?

How about public service?

Motorhome or 14 foot Airstream?

Would you enjoy remodeling a house?

How about going back to school, either physically or online? 

Want to write a book? This is my third book, the first two are novels. Publishing your own book is easier than ever, though getting published by a mainstream publisher is harder than ever.

Music, fishing, gardening, building an orchard, photography hiking, golf and bowling

Are you going to get fit? Did we already say that? It’s worth repeating.

Want to learn to windsurf, surf, standup paddle, kayak, take that motorcycle trip?

Okay, that should be a reasonable start, but it’s just a start. Remember that you are potentially looking at 30 or more years, some of those years may be spent with physical limitations, though hopefully some of the ideas you find here can help with that.




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