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The biggest long term threat to your successful retirement are health issues–yours and your loved ones.  You may well consider Medicare to be your ultimate backstop for healthcare issue, and it should be, but Medicare is becoming steadily more expensive and covering less. Even if medical expenses don’t eat up your savings, most people’s idea of retirement is not being sick and infirm for the next thirty years. So we’ll cover medical insurance issues, but we’ll also look at ways to stay fit and vital. Your health may not be completely in your control, but most americans could do a much better job of maintaining their bodies and helping the people they care about (and could be devastated financially by!) to adopt healthy practices as well. It’s difficult to change your own behavior, much less someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

I’m somewhat of a success story for turning around my fitness level. When I retired I was pushing 260 pounds, with a 44 waist, and moderate muscle. Now I’m 235 (still too fat) with a 38 waist and a lot of muscle. I haven’t been in a gym in years, and everything I do is fun for me. I’ll tell you all about it.


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